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"We purchased 6 pairs of Bigfoot Adventure series snowshoes to have at our house when friends and family come over. They are perfect for stomping around our property and on the local trails. Easy to use and lightweight, we can't wait for another snowy winter like we had this year!" - Mike & Beth, Waterloo, Ontario.

" Hi, I wanted to give you some feedback on the snowshoes I just bought from you. They are fantastic! My girlfriend and I went for a little hike in my A30's, her in her A22's, out here in Banff. We took the gondola and a chairlift up in Sunshine Ski Resort and then hiked out to one of the back country ridges.

As we passed the people hiking in snowboard boots and blazed our own trail, the Bigfoots had already payed for themselves!

The view from the top was pretty good even though the pictures I am attaching pick up a lot of the snow and cloud. It was blowing pretty hard. We got some great powder turns in on the way back down because we packed our boards. Only got in three runs that day, but they were all pretty spectacular coupled with the great and far easier hikes! Oh and my snowboard boots fit great and the bag is really convenient. Already spreading the good word on the trails." - Connor Donaldson, Banff, Alberta

"Hello, I recently purchased the Bigfoot Snowshoes and am very impressed with them. I have never snowshoed before so I found them easy to maneuver, lightweight and was amazed that the snow did not stick to them. I highly recommend using the poles and the carrying bag makes traveling easy. What a wonderful activity to do on a winters day." - Susan

"Hi Bigfoot, the snowshoes are fantastic. Its alot easier than I anticapated. Going thru deep snow was a breeze. The poles are a neccessity in my view. I lost the round tip at the end of one pole. I must not of tightened it enough. Anyway we are throughly enjoying them" - Ron Schiedel

"Me hiding in woods lots makes hard to not feet hurt. Bigfoot Snowshoes help walk on forest land easy and better grip than feet mine. Price make Bigfoot happy hard to find good job when hiding from you guys. " - Bigfoot, Undisclosed Location

**BUY 2 or more Pairs & Get FREE Tote Bags!!!

Snowshoes Model Size (Length x Width) + Weight (Pair) Your Weight
Bigfoot 19" Snowshoes 19" x 8", 4.2 lbs 50 - 100 lbs.
Bigfoot 22" Snowshoes 22" x 8", 4.4 lbs 80 - 130 lbs.
Bigfoot 25" Snowshoes 25" x 8", 4.6 lbs 120 - 170 lbs.
Bigfoot 27" Snowshoes 27" x 8", 4.8 lbs 150 - 200 lbs.
Bigfoot 30" Snowshoes 30" x 9", 5 lbs 170 - 220 lbs.
Bigfoot 34" Snowshoes 34" x 9", 5.2 lbs 200 - 300 lbs.


Bindings: No Hassle Dual Ratchet bindings are PVC freeze resistant, allowing for easy and precise adjustment at any time, even with gloved hands.
   Bindings accommodate all sizes and styles of footwear.
   Neoprene heel strap offers quick release safety and security.
   Pivot band system for energetic rebounding

Frame: Anodized lightweight 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame. Less stress on knees and joints allows for longer treks.

Crampons: Heavy duty aluminum Snow-Trac crampons
   Nonstick design prevents ice and snow buildup
   2 side points ensure full traction on snow crust, ice, and hills.
   7 point front crampon & 6 point rear crampon

Deck: UV resistant polyurethane decking and bindings are flexible to -40 degrees Celsius

Other Bigfoot Features

Rivets are made from rust proof 6063 aluminum
Wide footprint keeps you above the snow
Unique design packs flat for ultra compact transport.
Maintenance free.
Great for beginners and experts


Snowshoe poles are a recommended accessory for any snowshoe purchase. They add upper body workout, or at least stability and safety for those less inclined to want more workout.

Aluminum Telescoping Poles

$39.99 Free Tote Bag w/snowshoes & poles

Bigfoot three-section telescoping poles have all the high end features to traverse any terrain at a family friendly price. Can be used for Trekking, Snowshoeing, or Nordic Walking.

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