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High Tech Snow Shoe

Get More Traction with this Snowshoe's 1" x 6" steal cleat!

- Same Great Snowshoe -

The ultimate snowshoe for ice-fishing and walking on ice!

Weighing only 4 lbs, and only being 12" x 20" in size, these snowshoes give you the mobility to move in all directions, pack the snowshoes in normal size backpacks, and climb mountains easier, all with less fatigue. Walk, run, or jump in any direction!

This innovative snowshoe comes with a 1" tall, 6" wide steal cleat, so you won't loose your traction on ice. Keep your feet warm by staying above the ice, and keep you body warmer by not slipping and falling on the ice.

Designed with injection molded flexible polymer frames, the snowshoes actually become a part of your boot while the concave design grabs snow and compresses it underneath, allowing for more float and less energy expenditure. The innovative use of rivets to secure the webbing provides exceptional traction on hard pack or ice.

Excellent for Ice-Fishing and walking on ice or up icey hills.


CLEAT - With a 1" x 6" steel cleat, walking and hiking on ice has never been easier. Excellent for ice-fishing and climbing icey hills!

MOBILITY - These snowshoes stay with your foot rather than dragging or sliding along. You can walk, run, or jump in any direction. Provides better tractoin for climbing or traversing steep hills.

PACKABLE The compact design makes this snowshoe easy to pack, appealing to snowboarders, snowmobilers, and telemarkers for travel in the backcountry.

WEIGHT - These snowshoes weigh equal to or less than most metal framed snowshoes presently on the market (only 4 lbs)

DURABILITY - The snowshoe's frame and other contruction materials are not subject to splitting, cracking, bending or breaking, GUARANTEED!!!

ENERGY RETURN - The only snowshoe on the market that actually gives a return of energy as you walk, resulting in less leg fatigue on long hikes.

GUARANTEE - Lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials when used for normal recreational purposes.

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